syncing issues when attempting to update from the Anking v10 deck to the v12 using AnkiHub, specifically regarding changes made to cloze deletion cards and the use of the special protected feature

I am trying to update from the Anking v10 deck to the v12 using ankihub. I edited my personal v10 deck to combine some of the cloze deletion cards into a single card. For example, if there was a card split into cloze 1, cloze 2, cloze 3, etc., I combined it into being a single cloze 1 card. The issue I am running into is that if I try to sync changes to the anking deck through ankihub, it undoes the edits that I made and expands my cloze 1 card into cloze 1, cloze 2, and cloze 3 for example. And if I use the special protected to protect the text on the card, the new cards that are not on V10 but are on v12 that sync with ankihub end up being empty because the text field is protected.
Thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. As someone who uses AnkiHub for syncing my personal decks, I understand how frustrating it can be when changes are undone during the syncing process.

If you protected these cards that you have edited, you can use the tools–>empty cards function from within the main screen of anki to get rid of the empty cards

The problem is that if I protect the text field in the cards, the cards that are no in my deck that get added show up without text. But if I don’t protect the text field, it edits the cards and adds the close 2, 3, etc. that I had deleted. So if I do tools → empty cards in either scenario no cards actually get deleted. Does that make sense?