Syncing Pixorize with ankihub → Resetting Changes for a specific field

I just read in the changelog of July that pixorize’s images are now syncing through ankihub.
However, I had this field protected & added my images to it for about 2000 cards.
I now want the images syncing from ankihub on the rest of my cards, but I want to protect my existing cards which have the pixorize image in them.

So, I have protected those cards using the protect field function.
Also, I have unchecked the pixorize field from being protected in the ankihub website

Now, the instructions say that I should reset local changes, but after reading through some of the posts here, I don’t think that it is possible to reset changes for just one field.

To summarize, I have 2 questions.

  1. I am not sure if resetting the changes will affect the protected fields or not.
  2. How do I get the pixorize field to sync with ankihub, without losing any of my changes to my protected fields?

Did you use the tag to protect those 2000 notes? Refering to this

If you did then you should be okay to reset local changes.

Any field you have protected will not be affected by the reset local changes function (I did this yesterday and all my protected fields stayed the same)

If you unprotect the Pixorize field, then reset local changes then all the images you had in that field will be gone. Unless you have protected the individual note with the AnkiHub protect tag

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Yes, I have protected them in multiple ways

  1. I have a tag on those 2000 cards which I have listed as a protected tag
  2. Also, I added the protect individual field tag “AnkiHub_Protect::Pixorize” to these notes

So, what you are saying looks like in sync with what I have, so it should be good.
Thank you.

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