Unable to import tagged collection


I have run into an issue and suspect Ankihub to be the cause. Basically, an upper classmate of mine went through all of Anking and tagged each card tailored to our in-house lectures and shared it with the class (bless him). The issue is, when I import his tagged collection, only about 500 out of 12000 cards are tagged correctly and the rest remain unchanged. I suspect the cause is that my cards (thanks to ankihub) were updated more recently than his V11 classic Anking. How do I remedy this?


As you have stated, the discrepancy in V11 and V12 might be the issue. Have other users with V12 tried using the V11 tagged cards and run into the same problem?

Has your classmate explored using the optional tag feature on AnkiHub to create a optional tag for your school so users can seamlessly subscribe and sync and get all the tags?