Uploading new note types to deck

Sorry, this was straddling bug and feature request. I felt bug fitted best, even though itโ€™s a known bug.

Currently, if you create a deck without any Image Occlusion note types, and then decide you want to upload an image occlusion note, the only way to do this is to delete the entire deck off of Ankihub and reupload it (with everyone who subscribed having to resubscribe). This seems really clunky.

Looking at previous threads, I understand this was pending a fix with note type collaboration, but is there any chance of a workaround in the meantime? For example, perhaps a button to force add some common note types on a deck-by-deck basis?

Iโ€™ve been using ankihub since the start and have been trying to get as many people from my year to collaborate using it as possible - thatโ€™s going to become a much harder sell if I have to explain that Iโ€™ve had to delete and reupload the deck to accommodate an additional card type.

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We are planning to add this functionality in the near future (allowing customization of note types etc.)

Its on our list of things to do

@AnKingMed might be able to provide a timeline/estimate of when perhaps

I donโ€™t have an exact timeline yet but our hope is before the end of the year

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