Uploading to AnkiWeb

I have been trying to upload to AnkiWeb to synchronize my computer Decks and my AnkiWeb copy, all day with no success.
I have tried using different connections, restarted my computer to no avail.
Is there any solution?

It was down for a bit. I think things are working now. If not, just wait a bit and try again

I am still not succeeding!! I have tried every day; at midnight when I think the 'traffic would be minimum; early in the morning, after workโ€”the same thing happens.

Becoming desperate as I cannot sync with my devices, and I am afraid of losing all my entries on my computer if I elect to download from Ankiweb.

You can post on forums.ankiweb.net. We donโ€™t actually control any of that stuff so itโ€™s probably best to ask on the official Anki forum

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