What happens if we don’t manage protected data before subscribing?

I didn’t manage protected data as instructed in the initial video because I don’t have any other decks I created on my own, but I’m wondering if this is the reason why I’m seemingly missing cards. Pls help, thank you.

It would just not protect those fields. If you didn’t have any decks prior to subscribing then this wouldn’t matter. This would not explain missing cards

What would you recommend I do to try and fix this issue?

the issue of missing cards? What are you missing? We’ll need a lot more details to understand whats going on. What deck, what cards are missing, etc

ok, So i bought and subscribed to ankihub without any version of anking in my decks but I did not see an “ankihub” deck or “anking v12” deck loaded after I followed the directions (not well enough i guess) in the ankihub “start here” tutorial. So i figured I would try to download anking V11 and possibly update it with ankihub. I synced ankihub afterward but I’m only seeing a total of 7,983 cards in this singular Anking deck which is obviously not right. Mind pointing me in the general right direction?

Do you have a #AK_Step1_v12 tag in your collection? If so, how many notes are in it?

yes, there are 400 notes in it

weird. Something is definitely wrong. Make sure you’re subscribed to the correct AnKing deck on AnkiHub. Then unsubscribe on both the addon and the website, then re-subscribe on the website, then re-subscribe on the addon. That should trigger a new download

Ok, should i delete Anking v11 on my decks list or just keep it?

It doesn’t matter. If it’s there, AnkiHub will just update those notes

ok, now there is 23,351 notes under the #AK_Step1_v12 tag. Does that correct? Or am i missing ~5.4k notes out of the 28941 notes in the subscribed overhaul deck.

Thank you BTW

That sounds better. The other ones should be step 2 notes and they should be under the step 2 tag now