Why do I have the wrong number of cards/notes in my AnKing deck?

If you are wondering why you have 35,000-ish cards when the deck on AnkiHub says it only has 28,000. This is normal. This just has to do with the difference between what “note” versus “card” means in Anki

There are roughly 28,800 notes in the deck, but the number 35,000 refers to the number of cards in the deck. Notes and cards are not the same thing

1 note can have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… etc. cards.

For example,

This is one note that has 3 cards. The 3 cards being c1, c2, c3, but they are all inside one note.

I {{c1::love}} {{c2::AnkiHub}} {{c3::a lot}}.

Therefore, the deck does have 28,800 notes, but since each note can have, for example, c1 c2 c3, that causes the number of cards to be higher than the notes.

You can see the difference for yourself by doing the following

  1. Go to Browse in Anki
  2. On the left-hand side, go to decks and find AnKing Overhaul

Number of Cards


Number of Notes


Note: The number can differ if you add cards locally to the deck (which is the case for this user so it will not be exactly the same as the example above for you necessarily)