After resubscribing to ankihub, my personal MCQ tag got deleted from numerous cards

hi there. I was using the v12 Ankihub deck, and my membership expired for a bit because my CC changed. after I renewed it about 2 weeks later, it deleted my personal tag for numerous cards that I tagged as MCQs and once I resubscribed and I only noticed now 2 weeks after I resubscribed that there’s 250 over due cards that were originally tagged as MCQ in the MCQ filter deck, now in my non-filtered deck that was not being actively used for my shelf, and therefore I was not reviewing. any reason as to why my MCQ tag was deleted? how do I prevent this from reoccurring? my shelf is in 2 days and I just noticed this now. appreciate the help

You would need to protect your tag in order for it to not be overwritten by AnkiHub.

In order to do that, please type the tag you want protected in the section below

  1. Go to the main Anking Overhaul page on AnkiHub
  2. Click on manage protected data
  3. Type in the tag that you want protected (you can see my examples below)