Allow deck maintainers to edit the AnkiHub cloud notetypes

Created this thread to formalise the feature request :smiley:

Currently, the โ€œcloudโ€ notetypes (i.e. the notetypes saved in the AnkiHub server DB) can only be edited by AnkiHub admins.

Due to the ProjektAnki notetype (@Projekt_Anki_Germany) being in quite active development, we are at the moment using our notetype add-on to distribute notetype updates OTA independent from AnkiHub.
However, for users downloading the deck from AnkiHub for the first time, the notetype does not necessarily reflect the most current version and requires the notetype add-on to start learning properly.

Allowing deck maintainers to edit the cloud notetypes would alleviate this (honestly now rather small) problem.

[It was a bigger problem beforehand, because our original cloud notetype contained some breaking bugs, that were not detected during initial testing. Thanks again, @jakub.f for your quick help with the sync problem and offering to update our notetype to the current version server-side.]