Anking V12 media not importing

I’m trying to import the Anking v12 media files using the instructions from the Anking Version 12 reddit thread. I pretty sure I am following the instructions correctly using the google drive → downloading it to local files → and then using the Ankihub Import function, but I keep running into this same problem. After I click import, a window pops up that says “2960 files have the same name as existing media files: Do you want to import the rest?” I click continue to import. And then it doesnt import any files

Are you missing any images?

It looks like the 2960 files are already there, so importing them won’t do anything since they have already been imported.

Yes, I am missing the pixorize and picmonic images. On the top image the file has 8452 media files. So the rest 6,000 some images are not importing?

Do you have a pixorize subscription?

The media package does not contain pixorize images as these can only be obtained by purchasing a Pixorize subscription and then importing the media package from them.

Picmonic, we do not have any HTML/pictures in any picmonic field as far as I know, so you wouldn’t be missing anything from there.

I personally am missing all physeo + pixorize images as I do not have a subscription to both of these services, which is why some images are missing

Oh okay, I just bought a subscription just now. So to get those cards for the anking deck I go to their website and download Anking USMLE Step 1 update?

Yes exactly!

You can check out the bottom section of this post to get to those links.

So I tried doing it and im still missing the pixorize images. I attached a screenshot showing the images are not there and another screen shot showing that I did the download from pixorize directly. Was a supposed to use a different link than the AnKing USMLE Step 1 Update?

Are there no Pixorize images for all the cards?

Can you check if you protected the Pixorize field?

The images aren’t included on every card. I don’t see anything wrong in the picture you have there. What would be wrong is if there’s a little missing media icon

I guess I just assumed that if a card is tagged under pixorize with an associated video there should be a picture of that video in the card? If this is not the case then what is even the purpose of tagging the cards by video. For example, when I go to the sketchy tags there are picture of the video for every card.

Also when I got to V11 (still in my browser) every pixorize tagged card has a picture of the video. V12 has none. The problem is that V11 has significantly less cards than V12. It doesnt make sense to me why V11 would have pictures, but V12 does not.

The tagging at least helps you find cards related to the videos. Everything is an ongoing project, some more complete than others.

The reason there aren’t pixorize ones is probably because you have the pixorize field protected. Can you check?

Please read the section on tagging and fields in the wiki (the FAQ on missing media is helpful too)

Okay that worked now thank you! I clicked on your link and followed these instructions:

If you do not have media in a field, but expected to:

  1. Check that the field is not protected on AnkiHub (note that some fields are protected by default)
    1. If it is protected, but you did not want it protected you will need to unprotect it, unsubscribe to the deck, and then re-subscribe to trigger a full sync.

Thanks again

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