Broken images under 'Extra' component of cards

I recently activated the ‘Butler’ to configure all the needed add-ons, since this I have noticed that the ‘Extra’ column on cards has broke image files that were once appearing - I have attached how this looks as I browse cards.
Any help is appreciated as I am a visual-learner!


Please see the end of this thread

It should be fixed very very soon (couple of days max)

I am also having issues. I waited for the weekend as mentioned on reddit because I know it was being worked on, however I still have the same “broke image files” as the other user mentioned above after syncing again today.



^I have these two screenshots as they may be helpful in diagnosing the issue. Not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. I have tried clicking & right-clicking the media sync but nada…

What deck is this for?

Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

Its for the dermki deck. I did what you recommended without any improvement.

@AnKingMed are you guys syncing the dermki deck?

@lkderm this was generally directed for the anking deck only but we’ll see what can be done for dermki

Yeah the dermki deck should be syncing. Can you try unsubscribing and resubscribing?


It worked!

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