Bug when clicking on 'suggest a change'

When clicking on ‘suggest a change’ in the editor, the review screen pops back up. Sometimes the editor screen is opened two times, on different desktops. I’m on macOS, using the latest version of Anki, i.e., ⁨23.12.1. I’m not sure whether it is a bug with the AnkiHub addon or Anki itself.

This exact thing happened to me. I was on QT6 and switched to QT5 and this solved my issue. It might fix it for you (I was on 23.10.1)


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Thanks @Ahmed7
Don’t know if I am going to go for QT5 though cause there’s no version available for Apple Silicon
Seems odd cause I always were on QT6 with no issue :confused:

I have an M1 macbook and I just used the Intel version, it works fine!

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That’s good to know, thanks @Ahmed7!! :fire: