Can't upload new collaborative decks on QT6

On Anki version 2.1.63 QT6 for Apple Silicon, I would get as far as selecting the deck I wanted to upload, and then the selection window with close with no action. I downgraded to 2.1.63 QT5 and was able to successfully upload a deck without problems.

See GIF below of the issue:

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Thanks for the support. We’re not officially supporting that version yet but this is good to know!

I couldn’t reproduce this problem on Anki 2.1.63 Qt6 on Linux. Can somebody else reproduce it?
@TheAnKing ?

I am also experiencing the same issue.

Anki 2.1.65 (aa9a734f) Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.5.0 PyQt 6.5.0
Platform: macOS-13.4-arm64-arm-64bit

Every time I try to upload a deck its as if I did nothing. Glad to know this is a Qt6 issue and that using Qt5 us a fix.

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Added to-do

This might be the issue. I have a MacBook M2 version so this could be it.

I’m also still having this issue with some of my classmates who are creating decks for us. They are also using QT6 on Mac and I have the same issue.

Should he downgrade his anki version to QT5 (sync everything to Ankiweb, delete anki, redownload QT5, download cards from Ankiweb)? Would this affect his cards in any way?

Can you try the latest update (released yesterday) and let us know if it still has the issue? We applied a potential fix, but we’re not sure if it works because we couldn’t reproduce the issue.

If the issue is still there, please use AnkiHub > Help > Upload logs and let us know the filename shown.

Hello! Still an issue as of today. When I click agree when I am trying to upload the deck, the upload prompt automatically closes, not letting me choose wether to have the deck private or public and so on.

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@abdo i am also having this same problem, here is my bug report if that helps:


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Thank you @alino_dl @jakezzz for the logs. That was helpful. We’ll have another look at the issue.

still having this issue even after the new “deck management” update yesterday

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Same here

@ProductTeam can we triage this?


The problem should be fixed now in the 2023-11-14.1 version of the add-on. This update also adds support for Anki 23.10.

It works now! Thanks :slight_smile:

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