Combining multiple cloze fields into one

If a note has multiple cloze fields (c1, c2, c3, c4) and after learning i want to merge all cloze fields to one (c1). is it possible with anki hub ? will it sync normally ? or should I use protecting cards options or something ?

Kindly guide, THank you,

If you are doing this for personal use in a field that is often edited by your deck on AnkiHub then you need to add the “AnkiHub Protect” tag by right clicking > protect field > and selecting the field you are editing so your changes do not get overridden by AnkiHub

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The protect field will protect all the notes in the particular note type ?

Can I only protect fields in certain notes and not all notes ?

AnkiHub protected data section will protect that field for all note types. Using the protect tag as I mentioned above will only protect the desired field for each note type you do it on.

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