Combining two decks

I have to large Decks with subdecks. It would make more sense now to combine the two that there is only one overarching deck.
Is there a safe way to do that while keeping my learning progress?
Thanks in advance!

Simply move the cards to the new deck from the browser. Your learning progress won’t be affected. If the decks are downloaded from AnkiHub, you will probably want to set the destination deck option of both decks in the Deck Management screen to the new deck so that new cards get added there.

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Are these decks from AnkiHub? Or just decks locally on your computer?

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The decks are both mine and on ankihub.

My understanding is you have two AnkiHub decks, now you want both decks to be under one AnkiHub deck, correct?

There might be other better ways to do this but my thoughts are either

  1. You can delete one deck, then switch the note type of the deleted decks cards to the note type of the other deck you will be merging to, then bulk suggest as new notes that way all those cards will now be in one deck

Another way is
2. You can delete both decks on AnkiHub, then merge the two decks together by changing one deck’s cards location to the other, then create a new deck from the menu, that way they are both under one deck

@abdo.nh there might be better ways than this to do this so lmk what you think

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Thank you I will try that!

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