Graphics to Quickly Find Card-Relevant Content in Attached Resource Files

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I was wondering whether there are any plans to identify content within attached resources as per relevance to the card they are on. I realize this is a huge undertaking as this effectively makes every card unique, even within 1 note. Not sure about others, but I know I spend a significant amount of time hunting down the card’s information as they are stated in resources (e.g., finding the symbol in a sketchy picture, the specific paragraph in a first aid screenshot, the box/row in charts/tables, the structure in a diagram, etc).

Attached is one rare card that I found that does this.


Regarding First Aid, these images cannot be altered as we do not sync them, so we unfortunately if we do edit those images, no one will be able to see them

The only fields we can do this for is Sketchy and Pixorize

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Ah gotcha! Wait so how did the first aid picture I screenshotted get that red box around it? (I didn’t edit the card myself). Sorry, still trying to understand the back end of anki!

This is because someone added that box many years ago, some were altered but the majority were not

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Note that this was before ankihub, ankihub was only released last year

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Oh I see. So the boxes were added when everyone was manually downloading the decks but now with ankihub, there is no way to add boxes and have them update into everyone’s decks automatically - am I understanding that correctly? :sweat_smile:

Yes correct. We do not sync the first aid field due to copyright issues, so we can’t alter what are in the fields.

Could you explain that a bit further? Like how are syncing and copyright related to each other? Is it because to sync content, AnKing has to first store it in an AnKing affiliated server/cloud, which implies ownership (and thus requires copyright?).

It doesn’t necessarily imply ownership, but it requires the owner’s permission. This page suggests that a lot of images have undetermined rights so it’s not clear who to ask for permission to use these images originally used in earlier versions of the deck before AnkiHub.

Before AnkiHub, the AnKing deck had many iterations, for example V1, V2 V3…etc until V11 which was the last downloadable version.

In these versions, there was a First Aid field with HTML in it. This HTML had pictures of First Aid, and if people had the media package, they could import it and get the images

The First Aid team has not given us permission to use their images, which is why we do not provide them nor sync them. By syncing, I mean that when you install the AnKing deck via AnkiHub, you do not recieve the First Aid images. These must be obtained from media packages which we do not provide.

As @abdo.nh has linked above, this explains the issue: 👑 Downloading the AnKing Step Deck

See this section specifically.

So to come back to your question. These images were available many years ago. The AnKing deck only has HTML code in these sections, which means we cannot alter the images. The images will stay how they are so that is why we cannot add boxes etc.

If you would like, you can protect the first aid field and add your own boxes to the first aid pictures.

I hope that answers your question, please don’t hesitate to ask if want anything clarified! :grinning:

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