Historical tag suggestions displaying inaccurately in AnkiHub

I have noticed that when viewing historical suggestions for cards in AnkiHub, any tag changes that have been made do not display properly. Additionally, if a new tag is added prior to a merged tag change, the deleted tag will occasionally be erroneously shown.

A few examples here cover every instance of this error:

Image 1: Simple 1 tag suggestion made and approved, displaying as no change made

Image 2: Group of changes made on a single note over time. First change (bottom) added “OME” head tag which does not display, second change (middle) added “Bootcamp” which does not display, and third change (top) adds a “UWorld” tag which does not display. However, each suggestion shows erroneously that other suggestions made on the notes are “deleted” from it - which is not true, those tags are still present.

Priority: Low, this issue is purely visual and does not affect the functionality of the suggestions, but it makes it difficult to accurately view historical suggestions.