How are Anki decks related to AnkiHub decks?

Home Deck

When you subscribe to an AnkiHub deck, a new Anki deck is automatically created in your Anki collection. This newly created deck is set as the Home Deck for the AnkiHub deck. Any new notes that get added to the AnkiHub deck will be placed in this Home Deck in your Anki collection.

You can configure the Home Deck for each of your AnkiHub subscriptions from the Subscribed Decks dialog. To access this dialog, go to the AnkiHub menu on the main Anki window. For detailed steps on how to do this, you can check out this video.

It’s important to remember that AnkiHub decks and your local Anki decks are not tightly bonded. You can move cards to any deck you want, and they will still receive updates from the AnkiHub deck.

Deleting the Home Deck of an AnkiHub deck

When you decide to delete the Home Deck, a dialog appears. It’s asking you a question: Did you only want to delete the local Home Deck, or do you also want to unsubscribe from the associated AnkiHub deck?

In simpler terms, the add-on is checking: Were you just tidying up your local decks, or did you want to completely disconnect from the AnkiHub deck by unsubscribing?

If your intention is only to delete the local Home Deck and you’d like to continue receiving updates from the AnkiHub deck, you should update the Home Deck of the associated AnkiHub deck in the Subscribed Decks dialog. If you don’t do this, the deleted Home Deck will be re-created the next time a new note is synced from the AnkiHub deck. Here’s a video tutorial on how to change the Home Deck.

This feature is designed to help manage your subscriptions and your local decks, avoiding confusion if you’re still subscribed to an AnkiHub deck after its Home Deck has been deleted.