How do I make sure that the new images support for ANKING are coming through?

It is stated in the latest update that the moraxella tags have been added with images and I can not seem to find the updated tag with my anking deck. I am currently subscribed and sync daily?

I see the pictures showing up on the ankihub website for the deck. but they will not show up in my desktop after a sync from anihub, it states “no new updates”. I am running Version ⁨2.1.56 and this is the only problem I seem to be having.

okay I figured out I wasn’t subscribed to a deck on the desktop but was subscribed on the ankihub now I have another problem with 2 decks? how do I combine?

upon further inspection I just changed all the cards from previous deck to the new Anking overhaul step 1 &2 deck to the the new AnkiHub Deck hopefully this won’t cause any issues.