Log update question

I was wondering if someone from the Ankihub team could create a small update post here on the forum whenever large-ish updates are sent through Ankihub. For example, today there was an Anking deck sync that had over 10,000 updates. It would be cool to know what’s going on. I see that there are a bunch of new “duplicate-delete” tagged cards, so I’m assuming it has something to do with that and tag restructuring, but who knows lol.


a one or two sentence post would be sweet

All these bulk-changes are usually Tags, just a quick glance in Community Suggestions → Closed suggestions will tell you that. I get your point, you would like to know, what changed, but these Tag mass changes are taking place every other day and it would be all “Tags added, Tags added, OME tags, …”.

If there would be major update regarding new cards/content, then I believe there would be Change Notes post coming up to tell us about it.

I don’t have to know, I trust these guys with my life. And you can always see all changes in the Community Suggestions as mentioned earlier.

But I am not a part of the team, so maybe their response will be different. I am just carrying on a discussion with my opinion.


I trust them with my life too as well lol. I’m more curious than anything.

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I can work on documenting all of our large bulk updates on the AnkiHub Updates Log in the future - I’ve just retroactively added all our large December and January updates for you. Thank you!


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