Missing Images in AnKing MCAT deck despite thorough debugging

So while checking the progress on the AnKing MCAT deck I noticed there are lot of images missing (don’t show up even though they have been replaced as per image replacement project). All these have the AnkiHub::imageready tag and should show up.

I did everything to check if the issue is from my side, even reinstalled Anki on my device, let alone reinstalling the addon or resubscribing to the deck.

I used this search: tag:AnkiHub_ImageReady tag:missing-media tag:!AK_UpdateTags::^temporary::ImageFix_MCAT*
and it shows me 507 notes have missing images.

Then I dug deeper and noticed tag:!AK_UpdateTags::^temporary::ImageFix_MCAT::x (where x = 01,02,03,06,14,15,16,17,18) have missing images.

I then confirmed the issue with @shmuelsash:


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Can you send a couple of NIDs and Ill see if I am having the same issue

Most cards under this tag:<<< tag:!AK_UpdateTags::^temporary::ImageFix_MCAT::01 >>>
also instead of 01 you can try 01,02,03,06,14,15,16,17,18.

Let me know once you implement the fix, I’d give it a try to see if everything is working again @jakub.f

The problem of the AnkiHub_ImageReady tags not working is solved now!

When I synced after the fix I got 960 new images for the MCAT deck.


Anybody else having no luck with the media on the AnKing MCAT deck? I subscribed to it today and I first tried to just put in the google drive URL which gave me an error so then I downloaded the file and the media upload was successful but still nothing on the cards. Now trying the mega URL which has been loading for about 4.5 hours and has been stuck in one spot near the end of the upload for about the last hour… Has anybody had a similar issue and found a fix?? Your help would be much appreciated!

Have you tried uploading it using local file?

What did it say when you imported the media?

Note that we are almost done the process of replacing all images with copyright free alternatives for text and extra fields

By any chance do you know the ETA for the images? I downloaded the media file and imported it and still no pictures.

Most of the images have been replaced, you do not need the media package for this since it is being synced via AnkiHub

Almost all my images are not visible. I can’t do any amino acids because I can’t see the images. I have tried everything that Reddit states, but I still can’t manage to get them to appear. Sorry for bugging you guys.

to see the images

Hey there! We’ve noticed the bug recently and are currently working on it as fast as possible. We will update you once it’s done.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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Can you try to sync with AnkiHub and see if the images for the AnKing MCAT deck get downloaded now?

We fixed an issue today and you could get up to about 960 images which were missing previously.

Note that only images on notes that have AnkiHub_ImageReady tags will show up.

After syncing, you’ll have to wait until it says Media Sync: Idle in the AnkiHub menu on the main Anki window.

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Thank You!! You guys are the best

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