Moving User Notes from Extra Field to Lecture Notes

I have a friend who wants to update to ankihub to use the anking deck. However, he put all of his class notes in the Extra field of the notes. I understand that he will lose those if he syncs with ankihub. If he protects the field, then he wont get the new updates on the cards.

I am looking for a way to move all the notes from Extra to Lecture Notes and then allow ankihub to sync to Extra like normal. Has anyone been successful in doing this? Here is what I wanted to try:

Rename the Extra field โ€œExtra1โ€ in the manage note types screen
Rename the Lecture Notes field โ€œExtraโ€
Rename the Extra1 field โ€œLecture Notesโ€

Will this strategy work and allow him to keep his old notes and still sync the new fields in Ankihub?


It should work but Itโ€™s always a good idea to take backups in case something goes wrong.