No media in ankioverhaul deck


I dont have any media (images, in the anking overhaul deck I JUST downloaded. Please help!!

Can you check to see what the media sync says for you? Does it say downloading?


For any other questions related to images, please check out the resources below

Link 1
Link 2

It says - Media sync Idle. I have attached an image below of what i see


Can you give us more information on what you did from start to finish so we can troubleshoot, without more information we cannot help.

What images are you missing specifically? Which fields are they in?

I subscribed to the ankihub today and subscribed to the anking overhaul deck once the deck downloaded. While browsing the deck I realized that none of the cards have any images under first aid, pathoma etc.

We do not sync the First Aid field which is why you do not have those images. Also we don’t have anything in the Pathoma fields, they are for you to populate.

Please see this FAQ as this is all answered here

Please check out this toggle