Media not available even after syncing

Hello, I am new to anki and AnkiHub. I’ve recently subscribed to anki deck but cannot get all media files. My “Media sync= idle” but I cannot find media files for “First Aid”
Please help me resolve this issue.
Thank you!


We do not sync the First Aid field.

Please see this post: Why don't I have all the media in the AnKing Step Deck?

I have the field unprotected still I have many missing media files. What do I do now ?

You can use the batch edit addon to delete those files, then protect the field. That way there won’t be any missing media.

AnkiHub does not sync the First Aid field media, so we can’t assist you with missing media in the First Aid field

If you do want the media to import however, please check the post linked above on instructions on how to import it, however, we do not provide the media folder

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