One-by-one note type improperly displaying MathJax equation

As the title says, in trying to use the one-by-one note type (which should obscure the items I want to then reveal one-by-one) the card type fails to obscure part of that card that is an equation written in Mathjax. It is otherwise hidden just find in other note types (Cloze, etc.).

Whereas all the other clozes are kept hidden behind the hint, or the crown emoji, the equation is fully revealed which is undesirable as it prevents the card from being usable. Card functions perfectly if I use it as a plain cloze style.

Any hints or suggestions welcome, though my immediate instinct is that it’s a bug of some kind?

Can’t reproduce it after some brief testing. Can you export the card and share it here?

Card_In_Question.apkg (598.3 KB)

Pardon if I haven’t done this correctly, but I believe this should be the exported in question. Thank you for the help. :slight_smile:

The exported card doesn’t have clozed equations as in your screenshot.

If I cloze the equation like this:

It works as expected.

The exported card does have cloze deletions, they’re just inside of the mathjax formula.

In many cases, I have embedded cloze deletions inside of a mathjax equation (in this way, I’m able to cloze a portion of an equation rather than the entire thing, which is desirable for certain applications).

Without one-by-one turned on, the internal cloze still works fine. But with one-by-one turned on, it doesn’t seem to do the trick. It’s not a huge issue, more I wanted to point it out in case it’s indicative of something else and for pure curiosity if nothing else.

Also, lol, where’d you get the very cool looking crown emoji?

Oh, I see.

The issue is due to the way clozes inside mathjax are handled by Anki. It looks tricky to solve but you can report it here so it doesn’t get lost.

I think that’s the default cloze hider? You can configure it from the add-on: