Over 14k Missing Media

I just downloaded overhaul deck last night and I have 14k missing media. in my cards many of my media is still missing. How can I fix it

Please see this

What images are you missing?

Okay thank you. I resyned the deck and most of them downloaded now except for:
Missing: 1.1 - Renal Function Tests & Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)_1566160514431.png

Missing: 10. Ovarian Dysfunction High FSH + High LH.jpg

Missing: 11. Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Bladder + Urinary Tract Risk Factors Smoking + UTIs.png

Missing: 17. Prostate Carcinoma Risk Factor Black + Smoking.jpg

Missing: 18. Prostate Cancer Posterior Zone of Peripheral Lobe + Asymptomatic.jpg

Missing: 19. Imperforate Hymen Cyclic Abdominal + Pelvic Pain.png

Missing: 2.2 - VentilationPerfusion (VQ) Ratios & Defects Captions.png

Missing: 2.2 - VentilationPerfusion (VQ) Ratios & Defects.png

Missing: 23. Acquired GnRH Deficiency Low FSH + Low LH + Low Estrogen.jpg

Missing: 28. Hypothalamic + Pituitary Dysfunction.jpg

Missing: 3. LH + FSH.jpg

Missing: 3.1 - Gastric Acid Secretion & Regulation Captions.png

Missing: 3.1 - Gastric Acid Secretion & Regulation.png

Missing: 3.4 Cardiac & Vascular Function Curves.png

Missing: 3.4 – Cardiac & Vascular Function Curves.png

Missing: 32. Peyronie Disease Penile Pain + Dysfunction.png

Missing: 34. Perimenopause Hot Flashes + Night Sweats.png

Missing: 39f1d27294f9f49c587a205ce4a55c5e.jpg

Missing: 4. Congenital GnRH Deficiency Low FSH + Low LH.jpg

Missing: 4.1 - Lung Volumes & Capacities Captions.png

Missing: 4.1 - Lung Volumes & Capacities.png

Missing: 43. Fibroadenoma Proliferation Both Stroma + Ducts.jpg

Missing: 43. Fibroadenoma Proliferation Both Stroma + Ducts.png

Missing: 46. Embryonal Carcinoma Hemorrhagic Mass + Necrosis.jpg

Missing: 4b77b6167ac0dbd36bb71cba45488b7f.jpg

Missing: 4d7de92da1e0440a879df9541bfc7894.jpg

Missing: 56a421786bd52dc1e6d4d7b88bd15cbc.jpg

Missing: 6.1 - Osmolality & Sodium Disorders.png

Missing: 62. HELLP Elevated AST + ALT.png

Missing: 7. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Urgency + Dribbling.jpg

Missing: 8. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Nocturia + Increased Frequency of Micturition.jpg

Missing: 8. Repeat 6 + 7.jpg

Missing: 9. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Urinary Obstruction + Ureteral Obstruction.jpg

Missing: ACTHoma cushing’s disease.jpg

Missing: ALL CNS & testicles_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: ANP & BNP_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Acromegaly hypertension & heart failure_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Alz presenilin 1&2_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: B12 Crohn’s deficiency_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Biotechnology (Applications, Safety & Ethics).png

Missing: CAH - 21 & 11 hydroxylase def - 17 hydroxyprogesterone builds up_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: CD15 & CD30 RS_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: CM 1 & 2 neurological symptoms_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: CN palsies (II, IV, & VI)_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Cervical cancer keratin pearls & intercellular bridges.JPG

Missing: Cisplatin, Ifosfamide, & expired tetracyclines can cause Type 2 RTA.png

Missing: DIC prolonged PT & PTT_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DIC thrombi & infarction_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DM1 CD8+ attack pancreatic beta cells_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DM1 MHC II DR3 & DR4_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DM2 FFAs + tryglycerides increased cytokines_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DMD & BMD CK elevated_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DMD & BMD X-linked recessive_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DMD & BMD dilated cardiomyopathy_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: DMD & BMD proximal muscle weakness_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Disorders of Imprinting (Prader-Willi & Angelman Syndromes).png

Missing: Down’s Syndrome.png

Missing: E solid & cystic (well-circumscribed)_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Edwards & Patau Syndromes.png

Missing: GBS CD4+ helper T cells and macrophages_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: GERD Barrett’s esophagus_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: GERD nocturnal cough & asthma_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: H HLA-DR3 & DR5_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: H. pylori invades the stomach’s mucus layer to reside in the gastric epithelium_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: HPV E7 & E6.jpg

Missing: HPV metaplasia & CIN.jpg

Missing: Heberden’s and Bouchard’s_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: IBD- Ulcerative and Crohn’s_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: ICP cushing’s reflex_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: K protein C & S_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Lichen skin changes & benign.jpg

Missing: Lipid Digestion & Absorption.png

Missing: Lipid Transport (Key Enzymes, Major Apolipoproteins & Lipoprotein Functions).png

Missing: MM & LPLWM rouleaux formation_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Meckel’s diverticulum.JPG

Missing: Menetrier’s disease gastric adenocarcinoma_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Menetrier’s disease pathogenesis_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: PV hypeuricemia & gout_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: PV proliferation platelets & granulocytes_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: RNA Structure & Function.png

Missing: Recombinant DNA (Overview), Molecular Cloning & Polymerase Chain Reaction.png

Missing: SMA & IMA_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Screen%20Shot%202017-01-19%20at%208.43.59%20PM.png

Missing: Screen%20Shot%202022-07-15%20at%205.23.30%20PM.jpg

Missing: Screen%20Shot%202022-07-15%20at%205.23.41%20PM.jpg

Missing: TS TSC1 & 2_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Vitamin D (Calciferol) Deficiency _ Excess - OG.jpg

Missing: WAS T cell & B cell deficiency_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Zoverall picture (50)_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: Zoverall picture (58)_1566160514431.JPG

Missing: a2c5b796c157f8fded1c12fed45640bb.jpg

Missing: acute cholecystitis murphy’s sign (1)_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: adult t cell leukemia CD4+ T cells_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: adult t cell leukemia lytic bone lesions & hypercalcemia_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: alpha thalassemia major hemoglobin Bart’s_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: anal fissures crohn’s disease_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: b16e8d7aff4586416acce7b91a939e8a.jpg

Missing: ckd & hematuria_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: craniopharyngioma rathke’s pouch_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: d955e3179092198fa3c616bd3d8f277b.jpg

Missing: gastric adenocarcinoma metastases & histology.jpg

Missing: hepatic adenomas seen in type 1 & 3 glycogen storage disease_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: hungry bone syndrome - decrease ca, po4, & mg.jpg

Missing: hypocalcemia Chvostek’s sign.jpg

Missing: hypocalcemia Trousseau’s sign.jpg

Missing: ida chronic atrophic gastritis & h. pylori_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: lymphocytic predominant CD19 & CD20.jpg

Missing: oligodendroglioma frontal & temporal lobes.jpg

Missing: osteoblastoma males age 20’s_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: osteoid osteoma most common age 20’s_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: pancreatic adenocarcinoma Courvoisier’s sign_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: papillary thyroid carcinoma RET & NRTK1_1566160514431.jpg

Missing: secondary hypogonadism absent puberty & 2ndary sex characteristics_1566160514431.jpg

It is normal to be missing a few. These look like some Sketchy images, they should install eventually

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