Physeo images not showing despite importing media to AnkiHub from Physeo website

I have a physeo subscription and I downloaded the media from the physeo website. its a media collection file, with jpg’s etc. Howewer, no images show on cards with known physeo images. For example, none of the physeo images for bacteria show up in the physeo field.

When I check media on Anki, it shows many unused media.

Any suggestions?


Do you have missing media icons in the Physeo field?

The Physeo images will only show on some of the step 1 notes tagged for Physeo so scan through those

Thank you for your response. I think I have resolved the issue. When you asked me if I had the missing media icons, which I didn’t, I rechecked the physeo instructions on their page for updating the media.

I was confused because they had both a V12 media file to download (AnKing v12 PHYSEO and an APKG V11 Physeo update file (PhyseoUpdateV11.apkg). I got confused as to which I needed to download and since I had previously added the physeo update for V11, and it just said “Download Deck” which I thought was refering to the AnkingV11 deck, and not the PhyseoUpdateV11.apkg.

Long story short, I think I somehow erased previous physeo images upon syncing with AnkiHub and not protecting the physeo field.

So I started from scratch and used your instructions for updating for physeo. After that I downloaded the media package and manually put it into my folder.

I’m still at a loss as to the difference between the V12 media file and the PhyseoUpdateV11.apkg, but I have thousands of physeo images.

Thanks for all you do Anking!

Glad it worked!

Do I need a physic membership for the media? I recently update to V12 and am missing these images. The missing media icons in the Physic field are present

Yes you do need a Physeo subscription in order to access the Physeo images.

You can find more information here regarding media

Please refer to the AnkiHub documentation here: 🎬 Get Started - AnkiHub
Please refer to the AnKing deck Wiki for further info: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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