Support for Obsidian?

Is there a way to have Overhaul notes load into Obsidian?

Considering the tagging structure of the deck already being in place it would already be organised quite well by default.

I imagine the difficult aspect would be maintaining the one way sync so that the “true” editable version only exists on Anki, and in fact, on AnkiHub.

I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem though, one could suggest any modifications that were made in Obsidian are added to the fields reserved for private use.

Or maybe try to lock-editing in Obsidian altogether?

Anyway… I think Anki x Obsidian integration is the way forward in advanced computer assisted learning. It’s great because it’s free and saves files in a format that doesn’t lock users in to using that program forever.

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If you search for Obsidian in the Add-ons page, you might find some add-ons that meet your needs.