Incomplete sync to my second account

Hello - I am new to AnkiHub and having trouble synching information to my wifes account. The situation is as follows:
we both have a paid Ankihub account, Anki with Ankihub-Addon installed on to Macbooks which seperately synch to our iphones. We would like together learn an Anki-Stack I already created on my account with 430 cards - she and me in our own paths. I successfully shared this stack with my wifes AnkiHub account. The cards completely sync from my account to AnkiHub which I can confirm on the AnkiHub webpage. Synching the cards from AnkiHub to my wifes account results in incomplete sync with only 320 cards. These 320 cards contain their information and media correctly.
It looks to me that newer cards were excluded. I added a buch of cards that were created with Wisdolia AI a couple of weeks ago. It seems that from this date on all new cards (including the Wisdolia type) are missing. When I add further new cards on my side they do not appear on my wifes side.
Please help. Thanks

As @Ahmed7 suggested in your previous post, you have to suggest the new notes for them to be synced:

You can do that for a set of cards using the browser’s menu as described.

Hi - thanks for your answer. I am not talking about adding new cards or suggest changes to existing cards. I am mean the first fresh sync of a new deck before starting your learning. Here I have a delta in the number of cards between my wifes iphone and ankihub. Why does it not sync all cards? Thanks

Did you upload this deck to ankihub?

If so, your new cards were excluded because you have to “suggest new note” in order for them to be on AnkiHub. That way, when your wife syncs, she will receive them as well

What’s the deck name on AnkiHub? I can’t find any deck uploaded under your name.

From my side the whole stack is completely synched to AnkiHub. The deckname is “Einbürgerung”. I can login into AnkiHub and find all cards there through my browser. When I do a fresh sync from there to my wifes Anki account (she has a separate Anki and AnkiHub account, both are linked separately to mine) only a part of the stack gets downloaded. Do I have to suggest a new card on my wifes account?? This doesnt make sense to me. Also, on my account I cannot suggest new notes since the buttons are not active (see screenshot).

You have to use the note type that has your username/email in its name for the suggestion buttons to become active.