Please help. Missing and Unused media files

I updated to v12 from v11 after a friend convinced me to and I am extremely stressed out and very irritated that I have so much unused media and missing files. I have spent hours reading threads and ankihub posts and none of them are helping me with my situation at all. When I downloaded anking v12 I had the following fields protected: lecture notes, missed questions, pathoma, boards and beyond, first aid, picmonic, physeo, and additional resources. I followed both of fixer med’s videos to retrieve missing anki cards and while that helped with some cards there are still thousands missing and unused. Please help me I just want to study.
This is what shows up when I check media:


I just checked a few.

One of them is Physeo, we do not sync the Physeo field so all those images will be missing. If you have a subscription for Physeo, you will be able to get those images

Another one is additional resources, we do not sync those fields so those images will not be available. This was most likely missing for you before updating

Another one is Sketchy, they are synced. If they are not, try this:
Please try resetting your local changes. To do this:

Go to browse in your Anki → at the top click on ankihub addon tab → press reset all local changes

This will restore everything to what AnkiHub has unless you have specifically protected those fields

What is your media sync status? Does it say downloading or idle?

I’m so sorry but where is this?

Has not having physeo unless having a subscription always been the case?
Media sync is idle, and I’m not sure if I’m misunderstanding but for the additional resources if you don’t sync them and I have them protected, shouldn’t they show? and I have a back up with just v11 and you’re right they were missing but I don’t understand why. Here’s a screenshot of my v11 log:

Go to browse in your anki, then you will find the reset local changes button here

CleanShot 2024-06-28 at 20.27.15@2x

Yes, it has always been like this. See more here: Why are the Physeo media packs only available to those with a subscription? and Why don't I have all the media in the AnKing Step Deck?

If you have them protected, AnkiHub can’t move them or alter them. So if you are missing images in V11 and you have protected them, upgrading to V12 will not make them show up unfortunately

Alright so first I reset local changes without changing my initial protection settings and it helped with a few hundred cards but otherwise no difference. Then I went on ankihub and changed additional resources to be unprotected and it helped a lot but I am still concerned about all of these unused files, especially the sketchy medical files. As for the missing I’m just assuming they were physeo cards? Here are screenshots:

Can you go to nid:1462206173395 and take a screenshot of your sketchy field?

Go to browse and in the search bar just write nid:1462206173395 and you will see the card. This is what mine looks like and yours should too

Some of them appear to be sketchy screenshots, resetting local changes should fix it. It is normal to have some missing media since some images are actually broken on ankihub (if i were to check, i’d be missing them too).

Also some missing media I can’t find which means they were from other decks or images no longer in the deck. This depends on the media folder you imported with V11

Here it is. And I’ve reset local changes quite a few times now and the media missing and unused media hasn’t changed from the most recent screenshot I sent you. As for what you said about the missing media I downloaded anking v11 with media from a random commenter on reddit a while ago. I’ve seen instructions somewhere to get just the media files from v11 and try uploading, should I do that?

It said you were missing those images but you actually have them, this can sometimes be a glitch with how the way the images are worded (they have % symbols in between them and Anki detects them as missing).

If you see any missing images with the missing image icon, let us know and we can let you know if its on purpose or not / we can fix it.

That media will only provide you with First Aid images and Additional Resources so it will not be something AnkiHub can alter. Its up to you if you are missing those images

So far it appears that all the images are there, for example my missing media says I have thousands missing but I can see all media just fine (except Physeo)

CleanShot 2024-06-28 at 21.09.49@2x

I understand now okay. One more question (I’m literally so thankful for your thorough responses) – you mentioned that v11 media would only provide me with first aid and additional resources. Did I lowkey mess up my original v11 additional resources by later unprotecting additional resources and resetting local changes?

No nothing should be affected. The HTML is still there and we don’t touch it.

If you are worried, you can always reimport from your previous media folder. However I’m almost certain nothing happened since we don’t touch the additional resource field anyways

No problem!

Thank you so much Ahmed for being so helpful throughout this process! I’m excited to finally move forward with this after being so stressed and hopefully this thread helps other people too. I really appreciate it!

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