@TheAnKing Missing Media reddit user fcbramis_k

this is what comes up:


If you click on Show Details, does it say files were skipped because they already exist in your collection?

this is what is says (i tried copying and pasting the entire message but it would not allow me too)

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 12.10.52 PM

Screen Shot 2024-01-19 at 12.11.01 PM

OK, so the files in the zip at least should be imported successfully now. If you go to your media folder, how many files are there exactly? The deck should have about ~22K media files after a fresh download from AnkiHub. Check Media should report only about 100 missing files after that.

this is the message it gives when i click check media

How much storage do you have on your device?

@Ahmed7 the zip you sent doesn’t include all media. It should have about 22K files.

I used the following options for Media Exporter and got the correct number.

What do you think? Can we share an updated file with @fcbramis_k?

@fcbramis_k Here’s a summary of the number of missing media files in your collection and their fields:

Physeo: 16277
First Aid: 1031
Pixorize: 613
Sketchy: 396
Sketchy 2: 384
Additional Resources: 361
Extra: 265
Sketchy Extra: 99
Text: 48
Bootcamp: 1

Most missing files are in fields we don’t provide media for such as Physeo, First Aid and Additional Resources, but the rest should be downloaded by AnkiHub. I couldn’t figure out the issue yet, but we can share an updated zip with the rest of missing files.

I picked all of those options you selected, I also have multiple extras so I picked that too. Not sure why it wouldn’t export?

Can you try exporting the media if thats okay? Last time it took me 3 hours to upload the media since my wifi is not the fastest haha

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@fcbramis_k Please download the updated zip from this link and import as usual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P17TKuMBTxMOg8Z_S0gJKUoLIUOqNpM1/view?usp=drive_link

ok so i tried it with the new media file and the same error occurs. i took a video and linked it to show exactly what happens

Just to clarify, this is happening with all cards that contain media correct?

no not all of them but alot of them

How much storage do you have left on your device?

currently have 2.91 gb left

Can you try freeing up 5 gb and reset local changes?

ok i’ll try that out and let you know

should i import the ankihub media from the drive again after clearing up 5 gb and then reset local changes? or just reset local changes?

First try resetting local changes and check if most images reappear. If that doesn’t work, then reimport the AnkiHub media we provided you

Instead of using Import Media, can you also try going to your collection.media folder (see Managing Files - Anki Manual for its location), copy & paste the files there manually? Import Media found most of the files already in your collection (maybe corrupt so they’re not working?) so it refused to update them with the files in the zip.

i will try these methods out and let you know