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Did it work?

im a bit confused on how to do this and how to find the folder and import the media despite reading the instructions on the website. i dont want to accidenally mess something up. also is anki 2.1.66 considered a newer version on anki so it would be stored in anki2 folder?

resetting local changes does not seem to fix the issue despite fixing storage issues

It’s the “Anki2” folder. Inside it you should see a folder with your profile name. Inside that is the collection.media folder.

ok it seemed to work! my concern is that is this a long term fix?

No, it’s only a temporary fix until we figure out the cause of the issue. I’ll take another look at your logs.

ok thank you guys for all the help let me know if there is any additional info needed from my end that can help find the root cause of the issue

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so i think i’ve encountered an issue as this never happened before with this card (when i click view on ankihub it shows what should appear in the card). i have only seen it for one card today and will let let you know if i encounter more in the future.

See this for the fix

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so i have been using anki for the last few days and found missing media on cards here and there.

Whats the note ID of the second image?


Second one has been fixed but you might not get it because syncing isn’t working

ok let me know when a fix is found

can i delete the anki media file zip from my desktop since i have already put it in the anki folder? or will that remove it from my anki media? im asking as it takes up alot of space.

Yes, you can delete the zip.